Plant Overview

Tarrot Health Care Plant is situated in the most innovative Industrial Estate of Pakistan: Sundar Industrial Estate. With underground electricity systems, steel belted concrete roads, Sundar Industrial Estate offers an exquisitely designed infrastructure and would be the best home to such state-of-the-art manufacturing unit.

At Tarrot Health Care, we manufacture quality nutraceutical products while ensuring all pharmaceutical parameters being followed : ‘Nutraceutical Production at Pharmaceutical Standards’.

The elegantly designed Main Corridor separates Quality Control Department and Warehouses from the Production Areas. The Main Corridor and Production Areas are equipped with HVAC (Humidity, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Systems that are powered by hi-tech sophisticated Air Handling Units. This is to ensure sterile production environment.

Water Supply to all production areas is fed by highly sophisticated Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant. Such purification technology ensures that pharmaceutical grade solvent is used for manufacturing processes.